To get in touch with my office and arrange a free consultation, use the contact form at the bottom of this page to ask if our services are right for you. A trademark is a word, name, symbol or device that identifies and distinguishes the source of consumer goods and/or services. This could be helpful. Building a brand is one of the hardest parts of establishing yourself in the business world, especially given the saturation and variety of services offered in the market today. But even after you`ve created your brand and reinforced it with a name, logo, or other material, that doesn`t mean you`re immune to infringement or other harmful claims. With affordable prices and fixed fees for our trademark registration and consulting services, you have access to the highest quality trademark attorneys from anywhere in the world at a price that suits your business. To discuss the details of protecting your business or trademark with personalized trademark registration and consulting services, call our Nashville, TN office to schedule a free initial consultation and find the right option for you. I`m Todd Wolfe, founder of Wolfe Legal and admitted to the California Bar in 1999. I have served a variety of clients, from individuals to businesses of varying size and sophistication. For all clients, my fundamental goal is to help them understand their legal options, relative advantages and disadvantages, and choose the path that best suits their situation and risk tolerance. My practice was founded in 2016 and now focuses primarily on the music industry with emerging artists, independent labels, producers, music managers and industry professionals. I draw on over 20 years of experience representing property owners, businesses of various sizes, contractors and material suppliers as general counsel, civil litigation counsel, as well as general management consulting, transactional work and contract drafting/review. This website contains advertisements for legal services.

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With simple and transparent fees, you can confidently proceed throughout the brand consulting process and deal with any challenges that may arise along the way. Music & Entertainment + Business + Construction Protecting your brand and business, regardless of its stage, is one of the most beneficial a business owner can do. By making sure your logo, brand name, or other image is a trademark, you can stand out from the competition and avoid potential infringement litigation as you continue and grow your market. My extensive experience has allowed me to work with clients in a surprising number of secondary practice areas as needed, often avoiding the need for my clients to rely on external specialist lawyers.